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3 Types of Privacy Fences for Your Yard

December 17, 2018

Interested in getting a new wooden fence, but not sure what to choose? Here are three popular wooden fence styles that could add more privacy to your yard.

Nail Up

The classic “nail up” fence is simple and sturdy. This fence normally consists of non-overlapping, side-by-side boards, but board-on-board styles are also possible. Typically, this style will use “dog-eared” boards or regular flat top boards. It’s a great way to add privacy to your yard, and this style will typically be more affordable than others.

Picture Frame

The picture frame fence gets its name from the cap and bottom rail that “frames” the fence. Also known as a “good neighbor fence,” the overlapping boards ensure that the fence looks the same from either side. This makes it a good style for fences that are along property lines with neighbors.

Picture Frame with Lattice

An additional lattice on top of your fence is a great way to add more privacy to your yard. Typically, a lattice will be around one foot in height and consist of crisscrossing strips of wood. Other lattice styles, such as horizontal, parallel strips, are also possible. Besides the privacy benefits, the addition of a lattice can be exactly what you need to complete the aesthetic look you want for your fence.

If you’re in the Bay Area, Sacramento, or Fresno and are interested in getting any of these styles for your yard, you can contact us for a free fence installation quote here.

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