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Which Driveway Style is Right for You?

January 10, 2020

There’s a variety of different driveway styles and materials to choose from. Ultimately, budget, and your own preferences will play a major role in your choice, but separating driveway styles into different categories can help make that choice easier. In this post we’ll go over Casual, Traditional, and Modern driveway styles. 

Casual Style

Casual driveway styles are versatile and can match well with a number of different homes.

Seamless Slate Stamp

Seamless slate stamp with dark gray colored concrete. Look is natural, simple and yet interesting. Works best with large driveways where pavers might not be a viable option or for homes in a natural setting

Belgard Victorian Avalon Slate Pavers

When a more warm and neutral color scheme is preferred, the Belgard paver in Victorian Avalon Slate is perfect. These pavers work great for homes of any style and are a mid-range priced paver.

Traditional Style

Traditional style driveways often use old world aesthetics to create an elegant look.

Basalite Italian Renaissance Pavers

If you like the look of cobble, but need a smoother surface, Basalite's Italian Renaissance paver is a great choice. Shown here in a vibrant mix of colors, it's charming and economical.

Traditional Brick Pattern Stamp

Another traditional brick pattern that looks great on concrete is the herringbone stamp. Works on a variety of different colors and with many different home styles, although it is most popular with traditional or more formal homes.

Modern Style

Modern styles are often more minimalist and use neutral colors, a perfect match for newer homes that use similar styling. 

Square Tile Slate Stamp

When a modern look is desired with a bit of texture added, this square tile slate stamp is a good solution. It's a great combination of sleek minimalism and natural stone texture and works with a variety of cool and warm color tones.

Belgard Melville Plank Paver

For a clean, modern look with a bit of traditional feel, the Belgard Melville Plank paver is a great choice. It has the qualities of a modern paver with narrower width, which works great for more traditional homes that have modern landscape elements.

If you’re interested in seeing other examples of driveway styles, be sure to look at our driveway photo gallery.

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